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Pending Server

Do you find that the status of your new server is pending? There can be many different reasons for this - see which ones here!

  • You have not paid for your server.
    First of all, check if you have paid for your server. You can see this under your invoices or check your bank account. If your invoice is unpaid, you must first pay for your server before you can access it - and before it would be active. If you can see we have deducted money and your invoice is as paid, check any of the points below.
  • How long have you been waiting?
    It may take some time before your server is ready for use. It usually takes 2-3 minutes before your server is ready for use when purchasing minecraft servers. For other services, it takes a little longer, as the server must be installed first. If more than 30 minutes have passed, you are welcome to contact our support team - who are always ready to help you.

These are the two main reasons your server might be waiting. Our support team is always ready to help you with any questions and get you started with your server as soon as possible. You can contact us in many different ways such as support tickets, discord or live chat.


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