How to make a timings report
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How to make a timings report

Do you experience lag on your server and have no idea why it lags? Try to make a timing report - this can help find the source of layers.

Note! You can only make timings report on Spigot, Forge & SpongeForge server types. Other server types might not work!

Remember to make the report while experiencing layers on the server!

You are required to be an OP operator on the server to make a timing report.

  1. Go to your server.
  2. When you experience problems on your server, type /timings on
  3. After approx. 10-15 minutes, write /timings paste
  4. Then a link will appear where you enter a website with your timing report.

You can use this report to find the cause of the lag that is happening on your server!

Having trouble analyzing it? Or general problems with getting a timing report made? Feel free to contact our support - they are ready to help you!

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