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Terms and conditions

Sv-Hosting agrees to provide services to the consumer, subject to the following ("Terms and Conditions") We use different words to speak on behalf of "Sv-Hosting" in this document, "Sv-Hosting", "we", “our” and “us” are aimed at The “customer”, "consumer", "buyer", "you", "your" address you as a consumer of our service. We use the word “SDS” as the abbreviation of “Shared dedicated server". With every purchase from, you accept these terms and conditions and that you have read through them, understood them and commit yourself to keeping updated on them.

§1 General rent at Sv-Hosting
Sv-Hosting can at any time change the terms and price of the rental, except for the products already under the old price. Sv-Hosting reserves the right to access customer data and product data if there is suspicion and illegal activity or exceeding terms and conditions. It is the customer's own responsibility to keep their account information up-to-date and accurate.

§2. Cancellation
We do not refund any payments because the product the customer is receiving is a virtual product and is taken into use immediately. With special cases where Sv-Hosting is responsible for the customer's product to have a lot of downtime, exceptions can be made. Sv-Hosting is not responsible for if the customer buys the wrong product, if this is the case, however, the customer can contact Sv-Hosting's support to find a solution so that the customer receives the correct product.

§3. Responsibility for data
When using products from Sv-Hosting it’s at the customer’s own responsibility, Sv-Hosting does not accept responsibility for data, as well as content, that means the customer must be responsible for infringing or illegal material.

§4. Scripts
Sv-Hosting offers some scripts, if the customer installs scripts on their product, they must not overload the server to an unreasonable degree.

§5. Payment and setup
When purchasing a product, an invoice is issued. In order for the customer to receive their product, the invoice must be paid, then the setup will automatically start and the product will be put into use. The customer can choose whether to renew the server every 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

§5.1. Renewal and expiration of product
It's the customer's own responsibility to extent the rental period of their product. An ivoice will be created which must be paid 10 days before the product expires, 7 days before the expiration date, the customer will receive an e-mail stating that their product will soon expire. If the product isn't paid after the expiry date of the product, the customer will receive an email every day for 3 days that their product has expired and will soon be deleted if it isn't paid. If the customer has still not paid their product 5 days after the expiration date of the product, it will automatically be deleted and cannot be recovered.

§5.2. Termination of product
If the customer wants to terminate their product, they can manually terminate it via PayPal's website by canceling the automatic payment and letting their product expire, the customer also has the choice to contact the support and have the support terminate their product.. Skal vi opsige et produkt, skal kunden sige det mindst 1 dag før betalings datoen, da vi har 24 timers svartid, har du budget hosting skal det være 3 dage før sidste betalings dato.

§5.3. Chargeback
If the customer creates a chargeback on their product, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the customer's product until the chargeback case is over, the rental period will still continue, referred to in §5.1. Sv-Hosting also reserves the right to call the customer's phone number they've written during the creation of their account.

§6. Personal data and information
Sv-Hosting does not pass on information to a third party, that means the information between Sv-Hosting and the customer becomes confidential. According to the Danish Data Protection Act, the customer has the right to gain full insight into the information, which Sv-Hosting has about the customer. It's the customer's own responsibility for the security of their account, if it gets exposed to unauthorized use of the account, therefore Sv-Hosting recommends that your password is with special characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers and does not resemble any of the other passwords the customer normally uses.

§7. Violation of conditions
If the customer violates the valid rules, Sv-Hosting will give a warning through mail and on repeated occasions the user or the product will be closed or deleted. Sv-Hosting reserves the right to close the customer's account or delete the customers product.

§8. Data loss or missing data
Sv-Hosting cannot be held liable for lost data by, for example, power failure, system failure, burglary or the like. The customer is fully responsible for all data and lost data.

§9. Automatic subscription payment
When registering for an automatic subscription payment, your product will automatically be renewed on the expiration date. If the automatic subscription payment is unsubscribed, this must be reported in writing via e-mail or support case, the customer can too cancel the automatic payment via PayPals website.

§10. Support
We help with just about anything, we reserve the right to refuse if we're busy, don't have the solution, take a very long time, are not through our support system or email, abuse of support or not related to your product or such.

§11. Server rules & EULA
The rules and EULA rules that belong to the products we host, you automatically accept as a customer when purchasing the product.

§12. Game-server storage space
All customers who have a game server have a limited number of storage space. All our game servers have 20 GB of space and Minecraft servers have 4 GB (4096 MB) per GB of RAM. If you, as a customer, have a higher consumption one can with a special agreement get it increased, if you don't have this and have an overconsumption, we reserve the right to suspend your product and give you a warning via e-mail that it should be arranged within 7 days, if this isn't arranged we have the right to make the necessary choice of all kinds, for example, deletion.

§12.1. Game-server ressource usage
If the customer uses an unfair amount of resources in relation to the number of other customers on the same machine and their products, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the server(s) that have unfair consumption and give the customer a warning via e-mail and the customer is asked to fix it within 4 days, if this isn't arranged, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the product and in the worst case delete the product or the part from the product that takes unfair consumption of resources.

§12.2. Shared dedicated server (SDS) ressource usage
When ordering an SDS server, you choose how much harddisk space you get allocated on your SDS server, this limit of storage space must not be exceeded, if it's exceeded you as a customer can contact our support to get it increased, if you don't increase it, you will receive an e-mail with a warning saying you have 7 days to fix it, if this isn't done, we have the right to make the necessary choice of all kinds, for example deletion. An SDS server is a virtual machine on a master machine on which users are created who share the amount of resources the SDS server has, are you as a customer using an unfair use of resources, Sv-Hosting reserves the right to suspend the process(s) that have a high consumption without notice, the customer receives an e-mail about which process has a high consumption and that they need to arrange it within 4 days, If this isn’t arranged we have the right to take the necessary choice of all forms, for example deletion. An unfair consumption of resources is measured on CPU, RAM, internet and hard drive read/write consumption.

§12.3. Shared dedicated server (SDS)
When ordering an SDS server from Sv-Hosting, the delivery time can be up to 24 hours since this process is manual, during this period the customer is entitled to receive a refund unless the process is already started. As a customer, you must only have legal data on your SDS server, here it is referred to §3, the customer must not host anything that is stressful or is an unfair consumption for the other customers who are on the same SDS server, here is referred to §12 . As a customer you don’t have rights as an administrator on the SDS server, all installation that requires administrator rights must first be evaluated by Sv-Hosting, you can apply to have something installed on the SDS server you are on, by contacting the support we reserve the right to refuse and not to install what is desired.

§13. EULA
All servers with associated EULA and rules Sv-Hosting accepts on behalf of customer when setting up their product, when ordering a product, the customer automatically accepts the product's EULA and set rules.

§14. VPS Windows
Vi tilbyder Linux gratis til VPS servere men tilbyder Windows. Skal kunden have Windows skal kunden selv installere en Windows Server 2016 license, vi står ikke til ansvar for hvis den køre uden license